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What Types of Cases Might a Defective Products Lawyer Handle?

October 11, 2023

Defective products lawyers handle cases involving products that cause serious or fatal harm. Many of these cases involve medical devices, motor vehicles, and large home appliances, but any defective product—regardless of its popularity or size—might cause an injury.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, defective products result in an estimated $1 trillion in property damage, injuries, and deaths in the United States every year. When you are the victim of a defective product, you should not be forced to absorb even a penny of these costs. Discussing your claim with an experienced attorney is the best way to learn about your options. 

To schedule a FREE case review with one of our experienced Johnson City defective products lawyers, call The Haynes Firm at (423) 928-0165 today. We serve victims of serious injury throughout Tennessee.

What Are the Three Types of Product Defects?

One of the most important aspects of a product liability claim is establishing where in the chain of design, manufacturing, or marketing the error occurred. To do this, our attorneys conduct thorough investigations into the accident, utilizing their decades of experience to identify any indication of negligence. This includes looking for one of the three types of product defects typically recognized by the law: 

  • Design Defects. These are flaws in a product’s design that make it inherently dangerous. For example, a car with a faulty ignition system is designed in a way that makes it unsafe to operate.
  • Manufacturing Defects. These occur during the production process. Even if the design is sound, errors in manufacturing—such as failing to seal components or miswiring—can make the end product unsafe.
  • Failure to Warn (Marketing Defects). Manufacturers are required to provide proper warnings and instructions with their products. A failure to do so—like not including a warning label on a personal care product containing hazardous chemicals—can lead to injury.

When you sustain an injury from a defective product, it’s important to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. While there are some exceptions to Tennessee’s statute of limitations on product liability claims, you typically have only one year to take legal action.

The Johnson City defective products lawyers at The Haynes Firm are here to review your claim free of cost and obligation to help you understand your rights, your options, and the best way to seek the compensation you are due.

What Types of Products Might Be Defective?

Any type of product can be defective. Some—like GM’s faulty ignition switch or Takata’s exploding airbags—become national news after hundreds of people are injured or killed. Others might only harm a handful of people before recalls are issued and products are pulled without making much noise. However, even when a recall has been issued, victims of defective products may be entitled to seek compensation for serious injuries.

Product liability claims often involve:

Medical Devices

Medical devices like pacemakers, surgical mesh, or prosthetic limbs are essential for patient care. However, design or manufacturing defects can lead to severe complications, often requiring additional surgeries or long-term medication.


Cars and other vehicles are infamous for their defects. In fact, more than 25 million vehicles were recalled due to defects in the U.S. last year alone. Issues ranging from inadequate crash protection to defective tires to everything in between often have fatal consequences.

Consumer Products

Everyday household items like appliances, furniture, and electronics can be defective by design, poorly manufactured, or inadequately labeled, all of which pose dangers. Electrocution, amputation, and other serious injuries are possible even when defective products are used as intended.

Children’s Products

There are an average of two recalls issued weekly for children’s products. These may include toys, cribs, car seats, and anything else used by infants, toddlers, and children. These products necessitate an extra layer of caution in their design, manufacturing, and labeling. Their users are particularly vulnerable to serious and life-altering injury.

The Johnson City defective products lawyers at The Haynes Firm have seven decades of combined experience helping individuals and families seek justice. We are here to stand by your side, protect your best interests, and fight for the total compensation you deserve.

Why Hire a Product Liability Lawyer?

Product liability cases are often complicated and stressful endeavors. Large corporations typically have deep pockets and powerful attorneys. Actions against them can be met with swift and surprising responses. Having a defective product lawyer on your side provides a shield against the tactics that may be used to try and force you to drop or settle. This helps provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on recovery while your attorney handles the rest.

With the help of a defective products lawyer, you can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, personal pain and suffering, and more. Having your case handled by an experienced attorney helps to ensure that the compensation you seek is in line with the actual damages you have suffered, not the calculations of an insurance adjuster.

Because most product liability claims are resolved before going to trial, having a skilled negotiator is essential for securing the best results. A defective product attorney will work tirelessly to negotiate the best settlement possible. This can help to ensure you are not cheated out of the compensation you’ll need to make the best recovery possible.

When a claim cannot be settled, having an attorney who is also a skilled litigator becomes all the more important. Cases tried in front of a judge and jury require special attention and preparation. The right attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your claim.

The defective products lawyers at our firm have been recognized by The National Trial Lawyers Association, The Circle of Advocates, Super Lawyers, and more for their experience and results, both in and out of the courtroom. We have the resources, background, and ability to take your claim as far as needed.

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