Is Chronic Pain Real?

January 19, 2022

That knee that you injured years ago in a car crash – is it still hurting? What about your ankle that you sprained in a volleyball game last summer on the beach? Sure, you expected it to be painful right afterwards, but what about months later?

You could be one of the almost 25% of adults in America experiencing chronic pain. When most of us hear “chronic,” we think of a period lasting years and years. While that is true, chronic pain can be any pain that has lasted for three months or longer. Even if that pain is intermittent, it is still classified as chronic.

So what causes chronic pain? As in our scenarios above, it can stem from injuries, but it can also be caused by diseases and even anxiety. Many of our clients experience chronic pain in the form of back pain, neck pain, arthritis, and even headaches from car crashes. Oftentimes, it leads to more problems such as depression and insomnia.

The key to managing your chronic pain begins with visiting your healthcare provider. They may order imaging and lab tests, prescribe medication, administer injections, or recommend physical therapy. We often have clients who seek out chiropractic treatment and medical massages for relief as well. In terms of pursuing a legal case for an accident, this medical care is a vital part of building the case. Without medical documentation of injuries, there is essentially no “proof” of them and their effects.

Chronic pain can drastically impact one’s quality of life. After a car wreck or other injury, many of our clients experience this condition. Unfortunately, chronic pain is a very real phenomenon. If you or your loved one have been injured in an accident and are experiencing chronic pain as a result, give us a call at (423) 928-0165. Don’t let your chronic pain bother you for years before reaching out to see how we can help!

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