Failure to Properly Manage Pediatric Bacterial Meningitis

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Pediatric bacterial meningitis is a medical emergency that requires immediate management. Without prompt intervention and proper treatment, meningitis can progress to cause severe complications. The condition can also be fatal.

Medical providers must be alert to signs and symptoms that may be consistent with bacterial meningitis. Without this level of awareness, patients can suffer. It is up to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to do whatever they can to help the people in their care.

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Causes of Pediatric Bacterial Meningitis

Meningitis occurs when the membranes of the brain and spinal cord become infected. This condition can cause severe complications, and may be fatal in some cases. Common causes of meningitis are E.coli, streptococci, listeria monocytogenes, streptococcus, pneumonia, haemophilus, and influenza. These illnesses can be transmitted just as they are in any case — through contact with a sick person, via infected food, or other sources. Although such diseases do not always result in meningitis, the condition can result if an infection reaches the spinal fluid and membranes.

Pediatric Bacterial Meningitis Symptoms and Complications

A patient who has meningitis may exhibit symptoms such as irritability, fever, headaches, sleepiness, confusion, and nausea. When such signs are not recognized and meningitis is not diagnosed, or is not properly treated, complications and more severe symptoms can result.

Neurologic complications occur in up to 35% of pediatric bacterial meningitis cases. Those complications may include hearing loss, seizures, motor problems, hydrocephalus, and many other cognitive and behavioral problems.

Pediatric Bacterial Meningitis Treatment

Advances in medicine, including vaccinations, have reduced the number of bacterial meningitis cases worldwide. Treatment of bacterial meningitis is treated based on the underlying organism that caused the condition — for example, the treatment for bacterial meningitis caused by pneumonia will differ from the treatment for bacterial meningitis caused by an E. coli infection.

In most cases, antibiotics are the most often used and most effective treatment for bacterial meningitis. Appropriate antibiotics should be initiated immediately. Patients may also require additional medications, respiratory support, and bed rest and home remedies to treat bacterial meningitis.

Failure to recognize the condition and delays in treatment often result in severe complications and mortality. It is the responsibility of doctors to not only identify the signs of pediatric bacterial meningitis, but also to identify the underlying cause and any risk factors the patient has, to ensure their treatment will be safe and effective. Medical professionals who fail to do this, whether because of lack of training, limited resources, or general negligence, must be held accountable for their actions.

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