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Brain injuries can come about from trauma, such as an auto accident, or a violent blow to the head. They can range from mild traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion, to catastrophic injuries that kill or permanently disable. Brain injuries can also occur as a result of failures on the part of medical care. While some brain injuries are unavoidable, other brain injuries can be avoided with prompt, careful care and management.

Attorneys handling brain injury cases should have a strong understanding of the difficulties individuals experience from even mild brain injury. The attorney should be familiar with experts who can assist in explaining these effects, from mild to catastrophic injuries. The proven Johnson City personal injury attorneys at The Haynes Firm are ready to provide this kind of diligence and ensure that your brain injury claim in compellingly put forth before the law.

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The Effects of Brain Injuries

Even mild traumatic injuries (sometimes called “concussions”) can cause memory loss, chronic headache, visual problems, mood changes, and anxiety, among other issues. If you or a child experiences any of these symptoms after even mild trauma to the head, a physician should be seen without delay.

Moderate to severe traumatic brain injury can cause a wide variety of complications that include persistent loss of consciousness, permanent paralysis, sensory losses, severe emotional damage, speech and communication problems, and a host of other life-altering conditions including, of course, death.

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