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Radiological Errors

Radiologists review and interpret x-rays, CTs, MRI, and other radiographic imaging. The physicians that order these diagnostic tests usually rely upon the radiologist to advise whether the patient’s film shows area(s) of suspicion that could represent a serious disease process, broken bones, arterial abnormality, or acute emergency. Most radiologists perform this function in a systematic way that minimizes the chance of a radiological error. Unfortunately, some radiologists fail to invest sufficient time and attention to each film they are responsible for interpreting. Injuries can and do occur when the radiologist fails to review each film thoroughly, keeping in mind that failure to alert the ordering physician to a possible serious abnormality can result in delayed diagnosis, often meaning the difference between a treatable disease and death or serious disability.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling a broad array of radiological error cases such as:

  • Inflammation of the bowel
  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Failure to communicate abnormalities

Because the ordering physician is typically relying upon the radiologist to alert him or her to an abnormality that may require additional medical workup, a failure to exercise reasonable care on the part of the radiologist can result in a false sense of confidence for both the ordering physician and patient. If a film is erroneously reported to patient and physician as ‘normal,’ both may be less concerned about any signs and symptoms experienced, dismissing them as inconsequential since the radiologist told them nothing unusual was going on.

A radiologist may fail to consider all possible reasons for an abnormality because the radiologist fails to take the time to gather as much clinical data as possible on the patient. The radiologist may fail to consider all possible reasons for an abnormality because the radiologist has limited experience with a given presentation. In those instances, it may be incumbent upon the radiologist to consult with his or her more experienced colleagues. Failure to take these reasonable precautions can have disastrous consequences for the patient.

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