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Our lawyers are familiar with the dangers involved when a pharmacy fails to fill a prescription properly. There are several ways a patient can be hurt when a pharmacy miss-fills a prescription:

First, the patient may not receive the medication that their doctor prescribed, possibly resulting in injury. Second, the patient may unknowingly be receiving a medication that was not prescribed by their doctor, a medication that could have harmful effects or interact in ways that are harmful to the patient. Third, a medication can be dispensed or prescribed at a dosage too large or small for the patient’s needs.

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The common denominator among prescription and pharmacy errors is that the patient is almost always left unaware that they are getting the improper medicine or the improper dosage. Injuries from these completely avoidable errors can range from mild to catastrophic. Reasons for these errors run the gamut, but are events that should never happen no matter what the circumstances.

Our attorneys have handled cases involving prescription errors or pharmacy errors for decades. We have helped many clients obtain justice after being injured due to negligence in the prescription of medicines or the dispensation (pharmacy error) of medicines. You have a limited time within which to pursue your claim. If you or a loved one have experienced injury due to prescription or pharmacy error, call one of our experienced attorneys without delay.

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